hostel #1



The flight to Prague was great. I don’t know who’s doing the Skytrax rating, but Swiss
Air is a lot better than Cathy Pacific – (Cathay has a five star ranking, along
with Singapore and a few other genuinely good airlines, while Swiss air, Qantas,
Emirates etc have four.) It might have something to do with safety because
Swiss went down in 1998 when a blanket caught on fire. It’s all trial and

Bad things that happened to me today:

  1. Handle on my big suitcase snapped off – as in the little metal extendy thing just
    broke off when I was carrying it up the stairs from the train station. I was left
    with a long redundant steel pole, a 27kg bag and about 100 steps to go.
  2.  My camera died – piece of chhhraaap as they say in Prague
  3.  I locked myself out of my own lock because I changed the combination and then
    forgot what it was.
  4. I almost missed my flight – as in they shut the door as soon as I came on, gave
    me dirty looks and took off five minutes later

Good things that happened today:

  1. Handle on my luggage broke – smoking Czech man carried it up the stairs for me
  2. Camera died – no pressure to take photos. Guy at the camera store and I had a laugh about me asking if they still sold disposables. It was possibly at not with –
    he was laughing in Czech so it was hard to tell.
  3. Lost my combination – more vigilant now about keeping an eye on my suitcase – that crappy lock gave me a false sense of security.
  4. Nothing good came out of almost missing the flight. I had to do a degrading sprint through the airport, walk puffing down the aisle past first class – where the grass actually is greener – then business, still puffing, and finally to my seat in
    economy – two rows from the back.

Sat next to a guy who sells anti-depressants for a living. Very interesting conversation – he had a conspiracy theory about generic drugs – apparently they contain the same active ingredient as the brand names, but the quality isn’t as good. It was all a bit man didn’t land on the moon for me, but he was friendly and (understandably) chirpy.

The Mosaic is amazing and way better than it looks in the pictures, which – for
anyone who’s ever stayed in a hostel – is a rarity. Paid 140 koruna for the
night and feel kind of guilty because it’s about 10 Aussie dollars and it’s better
than some hotels I’ve stayed at. Yay!

Czech you later


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