big apple


What a waste of a day. I woke up at 5am Rome time yesterday, and I got to this hostel about 24
hours later. Our flight got delayed for 6 hours which meant that I missed the Iron
and Wine gig I booked ages ago and they’ll probably never come to Perth.

The flight got delayed about four times due to mechanical issues and it was especially painful
because for some reason, I’d packed my laptop in checked luggage and the book I’d
picked up in the secondhand shop in Rome wasn’t great. It was by Nabokov,
author of Lolita – no comment – whose book The Real Life of Sebastian Knight is
probably in my top twenty, so I was disappointed that I couldn’t get into this

When we finally made it to JFK, I had to wait an hour for the ‘express’ shuttle, and once it
came the driver circled the block for about an hour so that he could fill every
seat in the van. The only silver lining was being with ten other burnt-out passengers
and finding everything hilarious in the way that only people delirious from
lack of sleep do.

Today was pretty crappy too as a result of the no sleep. Everything that could go wrong, did. It’s
not New York’s fault – hopefully things will pick up tomorrow.

Nighty night


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